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Hostaform® S 9362 Ticona POM
Model:Hostaform® S 9362
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Detailed introduction:

Hostaform POM

Hostaform® / Celcon® acetal copolymer (POM) delivers outstanding wear, long-term fatigue and creep resistance down to -40°C.  Exhibits excellent toughness and rigidity, along with moisture, solvent and alkali resistance.

Product properties

  • Very tough (to -40 °C)
  • Very hard and rigid
  • Easy colorization
  • Good heat distortion temperature (to +100 °C)
  • Very good slip-wear properties
  • Good chemical resistance e.g. to fuels, solvents, strong alkalis
  • Excellent resilience
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Resistant to stress cracking


New Impact-Modified Grades

Hostaform® S 9364 for High-Impact Performance Provide Up to 75% More Impact Resistant and 300% More Weldline Strength

Modifications to the POM backbone in high-impact Hostaform S 9364 enabled Ticona to push the boundaries with next-generation materials that can outperform all impact modified POMs available today.

  • Up to 75% increased charpy notched impact performance
  • Best-in-class-weldline strength - up to 300% improvement versus conventional impact modified POM grades without sacrificing other properties

This step change in the intrinsic properties and chemical structure of Hostaform POM helps customers:

  • Meet increasing impact requirements
  • Optimize part designs
  • Reduce part costs

Hostaform® S 9362 and S 9363 for High Productivity Delivers Up to 30% Less Cooling Time and 200% More Weldline Strength

These Hostaform POMs offer up to 30% less cooling time for faster cycling - as well as reduced mold deposit for less tool downtime.  Higher heat deflection temperature (HDT) and higher modulus are additional benefits, along with up to 200% increased weldline strength versus conventional impact modified POM grades. 

  • Highly productive, fast cycling alternatives to conventional grades
  • Up to 30% less cooling time for faster cycling
  • Less mold deposit
  • Up to 200% increased weldline strength versus conventional impact modified POM grades
  • Highest HDT
  • Highest modulus
  • Better slip and wear performance
  • Improved chemical resistance

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